tarot readings

I am a student and practitioner of the art and craft of Tarot reading and consider the practice of magic to both include and be intrinsic to my practice as a writer and an author. I offer intuitive readings from a place of compassion and endeavour to reframe our need for certainty and for direction as an opportunity to receive support and witness to our deepest and truest selves. Aside from the insight, advice, and foresight provided to us by the Tarot, my hope for our connection is that you emerge feeling held and uplifted as a witness to your burgeoning destiny.

Lines of inquiry that particularly resonate with me due to my personal experience with them include anxious attachment styles, childhood neglect, reparenting, pregnancy and childbirth, motherhood, surviving domestic abuse, surviving narcissistic abuse, burnout, recovery, relationship patterns, internalized misogyny, life in the patriarchy, and separation and divorce. I would be honoured to hold space for your own journey in examining the impact these forces have held in your own lives.

A personal reading can be given on any subject or a general reading can be offered. I also offer twin flame, past life, and karmic debt readings describing your relationship and trajectory with one or more person. They may or may not be present during the reading. To schedule a personal reading, please contact me via email at ash@towerpoems.com.


i ask for wisdom; for guidance
an outcome; your knowledge–
but am i open to the knowing
of a love–?

that in knowing, has seen me
as god: from above.

i ask our forgiveness
in having forgotten
(so long)

that you are my
best friend;
my treasure,

my trove.