the tower (the beggar)

The void became the beggar’s bowl  I’m holding for a body left bloody  on the parapet while I’m left howling:  “Fool!” For who’s the fool but I left ascribing  blame on behalf of those and God  became as absent as the salve I have  to soothe my aching heart; when  loneliness proclaims the evitable  demand… Continue reading the tower (the beggar)

the tower (the news)

Some days no one else lives in  the tower, while on yet other  days it’s brimming over with parading cavalcades of visitors;  inhabitants who would rather  knock the walls searching for  news than hear melodic and  refrain the remnant of what’s gone; it confuses them and her–  they know she likes to tell them  stories–… Continue reading the tower (the news)

the tower (ashes)

I am waking up again to the sound  of silences remaining in the stead  of your arriving to abate me what  is left now you are gone– I could  weigh the presences I’m mourning  and place against the flesh that is  protesting at the length of days a  talisman accounting for the pain;  for shame… Continue reading the tower (ashes)

the tower (falls)

The top has been struck by lightning twice;  it is on fire with flame and the sound  of their scream reaching out to touch her I feel the sense of urgency growing  like a knot in the ground at the baby’s howling: there’s a feeling you’re supposed  to have when you know you’re being wrong;… Continue reading the tower (falls)